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Anonymous inquired What do you edit your photos with ?

Hello, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Anonymous inquired Great jobbb πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

Thank you :)

Anonymous inquired Lubee I soo want you to be my mentor!!. Still the Nigerian guy lol☺️

Ahhh, thank you for saying that, I am very glad. However, I don’t think I’m equipped enough to mentor anyone yet but I am very happy to help you anyway I can. Just shoot me with your questions :)

Anonymous inquired bee 😘 you are going to know me soon . A Nigerian . What do you think about canons??

Lol, ohkay o. I’ll be looking forward to that.

I used a Canon 550D for about a year before I got my NikonD7000. I loved using the 550D, it was very easy to use and a decent entry-level cam but that’s about all I know to be honest. I haven’t touched or used a Canon since then lol. I’m a proper Nikon girl now.

Try watching YouTube videos that compare Nikon and Canon cams. Check out DigitalRev on youtube, I find them quite helpful.

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Anonymous inquired Hi !! What camera do you use . I love you

Hello, I use a Nikon D7000 and thank u so much.

Anonymous inquired Hi Lubee, I'm a big fan. I think your work is outstanding

Thank you, God bless you.

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